My journey into the fashion world. picture


 Every person is like a living dynamo- a source of nuclear energy. We just have to find our start button and proceed. l found mine two years ago and never learnt to switch it off ever again. l accepted that l'm a bundle of possibilities and they is no reason why l cannot be creative and adventurous. l learnt that l cant be stuck in the world of failure, giving reasons for not developing myself. Although adversity is never pleasant , it is a necessary ingredient for success, for human being cannot change without pressure. It was not capital that l needed but to change but my mindset.

I learnt that time is a useful commodity, for time wasted can never be recovered. I do not waste time trying to make fire using wet wood. l had just a small spark burning inside of me l just fanned it with all the inspiration and enthusiasm that l could muster, the spark become a ranging furnace and l became a huge ball of fire, unstoppable, radiating light every where l go. I believe l will gain victory over despair and success beyond my wildest dreams because l always shoot higher than l know l can reach. I always try to be better than myself, for l only compete with myself. We are all created with different purposes on earth so l,m my own version, still discovering more of my capabilities.

My first achievement was starting a company with less than a R 3000, with it l managed to start my brand indalo intricate. I made zipper jewelry as soon as l posted on Instagram l was invited to be part of TOP MODEL S.A. it all started there. My handcrafted statement jewelry is for ladies who are creative, playful, bold confident, experimental and collectors of interesting timeless pieces, l know you are one of them a lady with style not displaying wealth but expressing her imagination. Thank you for your support , stay blessed and JUST ZIP!




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