INDALO INTRICATE is a brand that designs / handcrafts artistic jewelry that looks beyond its material,s given purpose. I believe every piece of jewelry tells a story about who is wearing it, its an outlet of expression, it pulls the whole look together and make it unique. Myself as a designer of jewelry l'm a creative l did not study or copy it its a gift from God. l love transforming ordinary materials into wearable objects of art. 

What is special about my brand is that l handcraft every piece from scratch no machine involved. By just looking at the pieces you can appreciate the thought, detail and time that has been invested into creating something amazing whether it is great or small. In my own opinion handmade goods are accessible works of art. The beauty of handmade lies in the imperfections anything perfect is machine made. The good part about everything when you buy handmade you support a vision/dream and also a one in a million not one of a million.

Our pieces remind the wearer of the power of imagination and the joy of discovering a view of something that would otherwise be overlooked. Our handmade statement jewelry ties the future and history of fashion&revolution, beauty and ballsy together to ignite the spark that burns in every woman. Hey life is too short to wear mass produced jewelry chose handmade. My wish as a designer is to leave a trail of happiness in every lady as jewelry is said to be the exclamation point of a woman's outfit. Remain blessed and ZIP IT!


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